Here are three reasons why Whitening Salon WHITE is the chosen one.

1.Does not damage the teeth
2.Achieves “astonishing whiteness” in a short period of time
3.Clear and reasonable pricing

Q.Do you have any of these habits, even just one?







4.Curry, Kimchi




6.Not brushing your teeth


You might have accumulated stains!!

Stains discoloring your teeth can vary greatly… Yellowing and dirt on your teeth are things that accumulate gradually in your daily life.

Moreover, if you leave these stains untreated, it could lead to frightening issues…

Q.Would your impression of someone you’ve just met decrease if their teeth were yellow?

Q.What is the reason you might not find them appealing?


Stains on your teeth can significantly impact your impression on others.

It’s quite difficult to completely remove “stains that have seeped into your teeth” with regular tooth brushing…

In that case, whitening seems to be the only option to make them white…

Hold on a moment before you head to a medical whitening clinic!!

Q.Examples of regrets after getting medical whitening

PainThe solution stung / There was pain
CostIt was expensive
consistencyI gave up halfway
factorsTreatment for cavities, tooth sensitivity, braces

When surveying individuals who have undergone medical whitening in the past, it was found that some of them experienced some form of discomfort such as stinging or pain. However, it is important to note that many people also have no discomfort and continue their treatments without any issues.

One possible cause for the occurrence of symptoms such as pain or sensitivity is that in medical whitening, the teeth are often “bleached” using specialized bleaching agents, which can be more likely to cause discomfort in individuals with tooth sensitivity. The solutions used in medical whitening typically contain hydrogen peroxide (which can be highly concentrated and potentially hazardous), and only professionals with a medical license are allowed to perform such treatments.

Of course!
I’m here to help. Please go ahead and make your suggestion.

Why don’t we get a teeth whitening treatment at our salon?

We use a whitening solution that does not cause any damage to the teeth.
■ Our whitening treatment effectively breaks down and removes stains, restoring the natural whiteness of your teeth.
Many people have reported experiencing remarkable results and are highly satisfied with the effectiveness of our treatment.

↓Give it a try and experience it for yourself.

Self-whitening, currently a hot topic in Hiroshima, refers to the practice of whitening teeth by oneself.

Our Whitening is a popular trend where customers can whiten their teeth following the provided instructions, without the need for a medical procedure. Here are some reasons for its popularity:

  • Our salon is equipped with facilities and staff, ensuring a safe and secure environment.
  • It is a cost-effective alternative compared to medical whitening.
  • Unlike home whitening, there is no need for strong commitment or continuous efforts; simply visit the salon.
  • The whitening solutions and light emitted by the equipment used in self-whitening are harmless to the human body, resulting in minimal occurrence of symptoms like pain or sensitivity.

Although our staff does not directly perform the treatment on customers, they provide guidance on the procedure and offer assistance within permissible limits, ensuring a reassuring experience.

Our salon has seen an influx of customers experiencing remarkable teeth whitening results!

Customer Testimonials!

I went for the first time, and I was amazed at how much whiter my teeth became. Plus, there was no pain, and operating the equipment was easy, so I liked being able to go at my own pace. I definitely want to come back again.

I had been ignoring the yellowing of my teeth, as I was too busy to address it. However, a recommendation from a friend led me to try self-whitening, and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. My teeth became much whiter than I had expected. Since then, I have been eagerly going for whitening sessions, and I have managed to restore a level of whiteness that I didn’t anticipate.

I have had whitening treatment before, but it was quite painful, so I stopped. However, I didn’t experience any pain during self-whitening. Thank you very much.

Our services are designed to be easily accessible to anyone. Our salon staff is here to provide support and assistance throughout the process.


¥11,000-/One session costs(20min.×2)

¥20,000-/Two session costs(20min.×2×2)

↓Give it a try and experience it for yourself.


Ⓠ I am currently undergoing orthodontic treatment. Is it possible to do teeth whitening?

ⓐ That’s great to hear! Even if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, it is still possible to proceed with teeth whitening.

Ⓠ I have tooth sensitivity. Can I still get teeth whitening?

ⓐ There is likely to be minimal pain. However, if you happen to experience any discomfort, our staff will assist in making necessary adjustments.

Ⓠ In the case of ceramic, can it be whitened?

ⓐ Yes, it’s absolutely possible. Ceramic can be whitened. The limit to how white it can become will depend on the original color chosen during the ceramic creation process.

Ⓠ What care is needed after teeth whitening?

ⓐ In self-whitening, we recommend the following post-treatment care: “skincare,” “hydration,” and “thorough brushing of teeth.”

Ⓠ If I start whitening my teeth, do I have to quit smoking?

ⓐ There are no specific restrictions, so you can continue smoking if you wish. However, during the teeth whitening process, it is recommended to minimize consumption of substances that can cause staining, as this will help achieve whiter results more quickly.

Ⓠ I experienced slight discomfort during medical whitening, but is there still pain involved?

ⓐ Most people do not experience any pain during the treatment. The whitening solution we use is harmless to the human body, and the process of breaking down and whitening surface stains on the teeth should not cause any gum sensitivity or pain in principle. However, if you feel any discomfort, our staff will be there to support you, so please rest assured.

Ⓠ Can I use credit cards or other cashless payment methods?

ⓐ Yes, you can use various payment methods, including credit cards, contactless payments, and QR code payments (such as PayPay). We strive to offer a wide range of options for your convenience.

Ⓠ Will my teeth really become whiter?

ⓐ Yes, with regular visits, the stains will gradually be removed, and your teeth will return to their natural whiteness. For those who are unsure about the outcome, we offer a “Whitening Trial” so you can experience it for yourself. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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